Harry Kalaba Alleges UPND’s Attempt to Divert Attention from President Hichilema’s’ Grand Promises’

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In a vehement criticism of the United Party for National Development (UPND) and its member, Cornelius Mweetwa, Zambian politician Harry Kalaba has accused them of creating distractions, known as ‘imingalato’, to divert the public’s attention from the actual issues at hand. Nevertheless, the precise meaning and context behind ‘imingalato’ remain unclear since the detailed content is only accessible through a premium paywall.

Harry Kalaba’s Strong Position

Despite the uncertainty surrounding ‘imingalato,’ Kalaba maintains a clear and unwavering stance. He firmly asserts that the ruling UPND’s tactics will not distract Zambians from holding President Hakainde Hichilema accountable for his ‘mega promises.’ Kalaba implies, through his statement, that the public is increasingly demanding the fulfillment of the campaign pledges made by President Hichilema.

The UPND and the Call for Accountability

President Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND government are facing intense scrutiny and pressure to fulfill the commitments they made during their election campaign. The Zambian people’s desire for accountability is evident, and Harry Kalaba’s criticism underscores this expectation.

Deciphering ‘Imingalato’

The term ‘imingalato,’ although not fully defined in the available content, appears to be an invention by Cornelius Mweetwa and the UPND. According to Kalaba, it is a deliberate effort to divert public attention from the UPND’s performance and the delivery of their ‘mega promises.’ However, the lack of accessible context makes it difficult to fully comprehend Kalaba’s criticism and the implications of ‘imingalato’.