GSD Tackles Post-Election Worries, Pushes for Gibraltar’s Voice in EU Deal

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After a closely contested general election, the General Social Democrats (GSD) are reaching out to the community, highlighting the persisting issues that were at the core of their campaign. Their message is clear: these problems will not be ignored by mere superficial government communications. The GSD firmly believes that the momentum for change is growing and commits to learning from past errors to ensure future success.

GSD’s Leadership Election After the Election

In the aftermath of the election, the GSD conducted a leadership election, a decision that reflects the party’s commitment to democracy. The party’s resolve to act as a vigilant force for change in Parliament remains unwavering. They promise to advocate for necessary reforms that will significantly enhance the lives of citizens.

Critique of Chief Minister’s New Year Message

The GSD has voiced their critique of the Chief Minister’s New Year Message, asserting that it lacked substance regarding key issues such as healthcare, housing, and the public finance crisis. They suggest that the government’s reelection merely defers the resolution of these matters. The GSD also expresses doubt regarding the Brexit negotiations and the potential impact of border issues on the population.

Advocacy for Gibraltar’s Stance on EU Agreement

The GSD is advocating for a referendum in Gibraltar to allow its citizens to express their viewpoint on any final agreement with the EU. They view the upcoming McGrail Inquiry, which will examine the conduct of the Chief Minister and democratic institutions, as vital to the public interest.

GSD’s Dedication to a Modern Gibraltar

The GSD promises to advocate for transparency, accountability, and equality to foster a modern Gibraltar where opportunities are equitable and healthcare and housing needs are met. They plan to intensify their engagement with the community, provide constructive opposition, and present clear ideas for a better future. The message concludes with the GSD extending their good wishes for a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2024.

Simultaneously, the UK government has restated its commitment to the right to self-determination for the people of all its Overseas Territories, including Gibraltar. Chief Minister Fabian Picardo has asserted that the anticipated Gibraltar treaty with the EU will either be secure or there will be no treaty at all. The United Kingdom has formally pledged support for increased participation by Gibraltar and other Overseas Territories within the Commonwealth. The post-Brexit trade relationship between the United Kingdom and Gibraltar continues to improve, while relations with the EU have deteriorated.