Greece’s Cabinet Convenes: Key Bills on Inflation, Defense, and Food Quality in Focus

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Prime Minister Mitsotakis Organizes a Cabinet Meeting to Discuss Key Measures

Our trusted sources have confirmed that the Prime Minister of the country, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, has scheduled a critical cabinet meeting. This meeting which will be held in the Maximos Mansion on Thursday, will center around significant legislative proposals as well as essential measures that need to be addressed.

Agenda: Tackling Inflation and Enhancing Market Functionality

Our sources reveal that one of the foremost issues for discussion in the meeting is the recent surge in inflation. Kostas Skrekas, the Development Minister, is expected to present measures to combat this economic issue. In addition, a bill aimed at further improving the functionality of the market system will also be discussed

A New Legislation for Research and Innovation in Armed Forces

The Defense Minister, Nikos Dendias, will introduce a novel legislation during this meeting. The legislation aims at further enhancing the functionality of the Armed Forces through research and innovation, including the up-gradation of military education provisions

Ensuring Food Quality and the Role of Ministry Inspections

The agenda of this meeting also touches upon the crucial area of food quality assurance. The Rural Development & Foods Minister, Lefteris Avgenakis, will present a bill encompassing this issue. Our sources highlight that this bill specifically pertains to protected designation foods and the integral role of ministry inspections therein

Financial Regulations Aligned with EU Standards

Another major element of the meeting’s agenda involves financial legislation. Finance Minister Kostis Hatzidakis, together with Deputy Minister Harry Theoharis, will cover areas including the taxation process code, among others. Importantly, they will also discuss EU regulations related to car insurance in a bid to ensure the country’s financial regulations adequately align with EU standards.

The Government’s Commitment

This upcoming cabinet meeting not only discusses critical areas of concern but also sheds light on the government’s dedication and commitment. By addressing pressing issues such as inflation, military capabilities, food quality assurance, and adjustment with the EU’s financial regulations, the government seeks to create a better and more secure environment for its citizens.


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