Google Alters Silicon Tactics: Swaps Attention from Samsung to Taiwanese Producers

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Google Finds New Suppliers for Chips

New information from Reader Wall reveals that Google, a major player in the tech landscape, is aiming towards Taiwanese producers for its forthcoming semiconductor chips. Google plans to use these chips for its up-and-coming Tensor and AI technologies. This is a significant shift as Google has, until now, solely relied on sourcing from Samsung Foundry.

Change in Google’s Strategy

Reports suggest Google has made contact with a few Taiwanese firms, with King Yuan Electronics Co., Ltd. (KYEC) being a notable one. Investments have been made by Google in KYEC’s facilities to secure a stable flow of supplies. This action contrasts Google from rivals such as Qualcomm. It’s also seen as Google’s strategic move to distinguish its Tensor System on Chip (SoC) from Samsung’s Exynos chips in areas of performance and design.

Exploring New Horizons

Google’s association with a relatively unfamiliar supplier marks its endeavor to become unique in the mobile SoC segment. This alliance isn’t only beneficial for enhancing chip design and performance, but is also expected to bring considerable advantages to KYEC. The alteration in supply tactic is predicted to be advantageous for Google as it can work more closely with the chip manufacturer. This collaboration might result in more novel and optimized chip frameworks.

Prospects for Google’s Tensor Devices

Even though this shift is substantial, no immediate alterations in the Tensor lineup are anticipated. However, the forthcoming Tensor G5 SoC, which is two versions ahead, could signal a transformative moment for Google and its new allies. The Tensor G5 SoC is foreseen as a crucial advancement outlining Google’s upcoming path in terms of chip design and production alliances.


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