GAP Probes Likely State-Supported Facebook Censorship After Ohio Train Mishap

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Facebook Under Scrutiny for Alleged Censorship on the Norfolk Train Derailment Incident

The Government Accountability Project (GAP) has made a pioneering move by launching a legal inquiry into Facebook’s potential role in suppressing public discussions related to the Norfolk Southern train derailment. This harrowing incident took place in East Palestine, Ohio in February 2023, causing hazardous materials to explode and contaminate the surrounding environment.

Investigating Facebook’s Suspected Role

The GAP is specifically dissecting the possibility that Facebook, now Meta Platforms Inc., intentionally blocked content that opposed the official stance on the catastrophe or shed light on potential health threats. Rumors of collaboration with official bodies like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have also surfaced. A considerable number of discussion posts and Facebook communities related to the incident mysteriously disappeared, causing this speculation.

Censorship Cases Stand Out

Eminent victims of this censorship include people such as scientist Scott Smith. Smith revealed critical data about the escalated dioxin levels in the area after the accident. GAP is focusing its efforts to bring to light any obscured government instructions that could have influenced Facebook’s decisions in this matter.

Freedom of Speech & Government Intervention

This incident simultaneously illuminates the ongoing concern over censorship by technology behemoths as well as ignites questions about the freedom of speech and the government’s role in influencing social media censorship. As the case concerns potential threats to public health and environmental safety, it adds a sense of urgency in the quest for transparency and accountability.

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