From ‘Big Evil’ to Devout Believer: Ex-UDA Leader Winkie Dodds Embraces Christianity

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From ‘Brigadier’ to Believer: Transformation of Former UDA Leader, William ‘Winkie’ Dodds

Trailer from Troubles to Transformation

Our reliable sources inform that the man once known as the ‘Brigadier’ of the Ulster Defence Association (UDA), William ‘Winkie’ Dodds, is on a transformative journey. Known for his significant role in Northern Ireland’s Troubles, Dodds now aligns himself with a different brigade – the Christian faith, attending a local Pentecostal church in Belfast.

The Days of ‘Big Evil’ are Long Gone

Previously identified as a threatening paramilitary chief, Dodds was ominously highlighted as ‘Big Evil’ in a past Reader Wall investigative report. However, our correspondent reports that Dodds has left those days behind, expressing remorse for the trail of anguish left in his wake, particularly the effects on his family.

Key Events that Wove Dodds’ Dark Tale

  • Dodds was notoriously linked to a grave error – the accidental execution of Terry McDaid in 1988.
  • His associations with polemic personalities, including Brian Nelson, a British soldier and Military Intelligence agent, added more layers to his intricate past.
  • Despite the dark hues that colored his life story, recent developments suggest that Dodds is trying to paint a new narrative, one of redemption and change.

    Changed Man:

    Several personalities who were once familiar with Dodds’ aggressive history are now acknowledging this significant shift in his life. One notable instance is former RUC detective Johnston Brown, who considers Dodds’s transformation as a landmark event in his life path.

    Drastic Departure from Past

    This considerable life change of Dodds showcases his departure from a history marked with violence and turmoil. He seems to have embarked on a journey of atonement, a path towards healing, fueled by remorse and regret.

    A New Day Dawns for Dodds

    The transformation of Dodds is symbolic of the potential for change, even in the most unexpected of characters. His tale is a testament that sometimes, the most feared can become peaceful; a stern reminder that every man is capable of change, even if his past is speckled with darkness.


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