French journalist in Delhi receives FRRO notice from France to Indian officials

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French Journalist, Vanessa Dougnac, Scrutinized by Indian Authorities

The French administration recently communicated concerns to Indian officials regarding the situation of Vanessa Dougnac, a French journalist based in New Delhi. The Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) in India had reached out to Dougnac, requesting that she explain why her Overseas Citizen of India card should not be revoked. The news comes from our source at Reader Wall.

France Conveys Concerns to India

The French administration flagged the issue to Indian authorities both prior to and during a visit by French President Emmanuel Macron to India, according to Vinay Kwatra, an Indian foreign secretary.

“The Indian administration is aware of the matter. The relevant department within the Indian government is handling it,” Kwatra assured. “The key element here is within what frame of reference we view the situation. The applicable frame of reference in this case pertains to compliance with the rules and regulations of the country,” he further emphasized.

Allegations of ‘Malicious’ Reporting

Dougnac’s journalistic work, overseen by the FRRO that operates under the Union home ministry, has been deemed as “malicious and allegedly fostering a negative perception of India”.

Dougnac has been living in India for around two decades, during which she has been working for the French media company Le Croix, authoring content in French. The notice addressed to Dougnac surfaced on Tuesday, coinciding with President Macron’s visit to India where he was the chief guest at the Republic Day Parade. “People are allowed to do what they’re accredited to do within a given space. Nevertheless, the core issue here is to ensure that the individual complies with the state’s rules and regulations,” elaborated Kwatra.

Critical Reportage Allegedly Sowing Discord

The notice from the Indian authorities pointed out that Dougnac’s journalistic activities were unacceptable and portrayed India in a negative light. The news agency AFP, one of our sources, reported the content of the notice as stating, “In addition, her activities may also provoke disorder and disrupt peace.”

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