Fox Street Blaze Developers Plan New 30-Flat Development Nearby in Liverpool

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New Apartment Complex Announced near Previously Fire-Damaged Site in Liverpool

Our sources have revealed the surprising and innovative plans for a new residential development near the fire-damaged site of Fox Street Village in Liverpool. This ambitious project, spearheaded by Darren McClellan and Keiran Moore, directors of SGL 4, aims to bring a breath of fresh air and further residential opportunities to the area.

Details of the Upcoming Development

The proposed development will sit comfortably around 100 yards south of the burnt site, and will feature a five-storey building with an impressive collection of 30 flats. A mixture of studio, one- and two-bedroom units are to be included in the plan. The duo directing these innovative changes are Brock Carmichael and Zerum, who are overseeing the design and planning elements of the development respectively.

Context and Location

The fire damaging the Fox Street Village, was quite significant, taking place earlier this year. It burned a half-built block owned by SGL1, a company also directed by McClellan and Moore. This block was a part of the larger Fox Street Village project, a scheme originally developed by Primesite aiming at the creation of 358 apartments.

A Look Back at the Prior Project

In an ambitious venture, the initial project had plans of delivering multiple new-build blocks and converting the existing Swainbricks building into residential apartments. The resultant Fox Street Village Limited was the Primesite entity responsible for the execution of these plans.

Post-Fire Aftermath

In the wake of the fire, both Fox Street Village Limited and Linmari Construction, the contractor who built the shell of the inchoate building that was destroyed, have been dissolved.

Renewed Prospects

Despite the challenges and setbacks, the enthusiasm and commitment towards reinvigorating this area are evident in the new proposal. The unveiling of the plans for this new apartment complex near the previously fire-damaged Fox Street Village serves as a testament to Liverpool’s resilience and its vision for continuous growth and development.


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