Forbes Unveils Elite $10 Billion Club: A Glimpse into America’s Wealthiest Families

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Forbes Releases New Ranking of Ultra-Wealthy Clans

Our sources have confirmed that for the first time, Forbes has published a listing of families boasting a net worth of $10 billion or more. Interestingly, this acclaimed list comprises 45 affluent clans with a cumulative net worth of a staggering $1.3 trillion. The value assignment is derived from stock prices as of January 16, an estimation that represents an uptick of nine families since the last compilation in 2020.

Spotlight on America’s Wealthy Families

Among the high-profile families in this list is the Brown family of Louisville, famed for their ownership of the distinguished company, Brown-Forman. This esteemed firm was founded back in 1870 and is highly respected for its wealth of whiskey labels, including the likes of Jack Daniel’s, Old Forester, and Woodford Reserve. Moving towards the present day, the Brown family retains close to 50% ownership of this large-cap company.

From Storage Solutions to Thoroughbreds

Another high-net-worth family with Kentucky affiliations is the Hughes family, who have made their fortune via Public Storage. This company counts 3,000 locations spread across 40 states and eight countries, catering to the prevalent American trend of over-purchasing with its storage solutions. The Hughes family’s assets are not restricted to storage alone, as they are also proud owners of Spendthrift Farm in Kentucky, the breeding grounds for Authentic – the famous racehorse and 2020 Kentucky Derby winner.

Diversified Wealth

The list also highlights the Farmers of Cincinnati and the Simon family from Indianapolis. The Farmers, proprietors of Cintas, and the Simons, with an impressive portfolio encompassing over 150 shopping centers and part-ownership of the NBA team the Indiana Pacers, exemplify the diversified avenues leading to substantial wealth accumulation amongst America’s wealthiest families.


These revelations from Forbes underscore the significant wealth amassed by select families within America. The list not only reveals the immense affluence of these families but also reflects the diverse array of industries that have precipitated this accumulation of wealth. While some families have found prosperity in beverages, storage solutions, or textiles, others have done so in industries like real estate and professional sports, painting a comprehensive picture of wealth generation among America’s richest clans. Our sources will continue to provide updates on these and other high-net-worth families and the sectors contributing to their financial success.


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