Firebird Soho Ignites International Women’s Month with Culinary Stars in Firebird & Friends Series

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Firebird Restaurant’s Celebration of International Women’s Month

In honor of International Women’s Day, Firebird, a woman-owned restaurant famous for its open-fire cuisine located in Soho, is holding the Firebird & Friends series throughout the entire month of March. This series is an event aimed to celebrate and lend recognition to the notable achievements of several women within the world of hospitality.

Highlighting Women’s Success in Hospitality

Our source reported that the event will honor women who have made a name for themselves as renowned chefs, successful restaurateurs, and accomplished sommeliers across the globe. Following the huge success of its inaugural edition last year, this year’s series promises to feature an impressive assortment of culinary experts hailing from various countries such as Mexico, Malaysia, Scandinavia, and Ecuador.

Culinary Journey Around the World

Patrons will be treated to an international gastronomic odyssey, enjoying specially curated evenings dedicated to various global cuisines. This includes Mexican-Ecuadorian asado grilling, contemporary takes on traditional Malaysian food, and time-honored Scandinavian cooking techniques. Each event will showcase a variety of grill dishes designed to complement top-notch wines and spirits exclusively sourced from wineries and distilleries led by women.

Price and Dates

Our source tells us that the meals are priced at £70 per person, which covers a four-course dinner. Additionally, a wine-pairing option is available for just an extra £45 per person. The Firebird & Friends series not only serves to honor International Women’s Month, but it’s also an enticing opportunity to experience and appreciate the gastronomical brilliance of these women in the industry.

Culinary Excellence and Innovation

This highly anticipated series will showcase the tangible result of these talented women’s culinary prowess and innovative aptitude, aiming not only to empower women in the industry but also to provide a unique culinary experience for the patrons that will be savored and remembered long after.


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