Somalia Seeks Direct Visa Services from India: Boosting Bilateral Ties and Easing Citizen Travels

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Meeting Between Somalia and India Paves Way for Closer Ties

Our source has revealed that a pivotal meeting took place recently under the auspices of Somalia’s Minister of Interior, Federal Affairs and Reconciliation, Ahmed Maalim Fiqi. Hosting a distinguished delegation from India, led by Dr. Sureh Kumara of India’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the discussions aimed to bolster bilateral ties focusing predominantly on security and developmental schemes.

Obstacles for Somali Citizens

As reported by our source, one significant topic of discussion centered on the difficulties encountered by Somali citizens when applying for visas, especially related to health and education needs. With the current necessity of traversing neighboring nations to secure visas, it has proven to be an arduous task for many.

Addressing the Visa Challenges

In response to these hurdles, Minister Fiqi proposed a solution that is poised to alleviate such struggles for his people. He suggested the initiation of an Indian consulate in Mogadishu, which would offer streamlined visa services for Somalis looking to avail medical and educational facilities in India.

Strengthening of Bilateral Relations

The Indian delegation reiterated their commitment to enhancing relations with Somalia, conveying gratitude for the cordial reception they received. They acknowledged the significant contribution made by Somali citizens seeking medical treatments in India. As revealed by our source, these reciprocal exchanges bolster India’s economy by over $100 million annually. This revelation underscores the necessity of simplifying the visa acquisition procedure for Somali residents.

  • Increasing bilateral cooperation between Somalia and India.
  • Minister Fiqi suggests an Indian consulate in Mogadishu, speeding up the process of visa acquisition for Somalis.
  • Contributions of $100 million annually to India’s economy by Somalis seeking medical treatments.

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