Fiona Hill Critiques Trump’s ‘Dissident’ Comparison to Navalny, Warns Against Undermining U.S. Democracy

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Former NSC Adviser Condemns Trump’s Claim of being a ‘Political Dissident’

Fiona Hill Rebukes Trump for Political Dissident Claim

Fiona Hill, a former Senior Director for the National Security Council, has publicly denounced Donald Trump’s latest comparison of himself to a political dissident, in the same way as the late Russian opposition figure, Alexei Navalny. Trump made these remarks during his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Criticism of Trump’s Comparison to Navalny

In a stern reproach to Trump’s assertion, Hill labeled his attempts to draw parallels between his political standing and that of Navalny as ‘boldface and frankly scandalous.’ For Hill, who has extensive experience dealing with Europe and Russia’s political landscape and also testified during Trump’s initial impeachment trial, such comparison is not only inaccurate but also disparages the United States.

Asserting Discernable Differences

Hill underscores the glaring differences in the United States and Russia’s political scene, arguing it’s quite far-fetched to equate the two. “In the U.S., opposition candidates do not face threats of assassinations or imprisonment as in Putin’s Russia,” she stated, highlighting the glaring disparities between the two political systems.

Trump’s Admiration of Putin Questioned

Apart from vocally criticizing Trump’s claims of being a political dissident, Hill also censured him for his constant lauding of Russian leader Vladimir Putin. She finds it bewildering that Trump would continue to admire Putin despite indisputable evidence pointing towards Putin’s antagonistic attitude towards the U.S.


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