Finsbury Park to Open New Skate Plaza Next Month: A Community-Driven Revival

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Finsbury Park Welcomes A New Skate Plaza: A Collaborative feat

Construction begins on the long-awaited skate plaza in Finsbury Park

Work has begun on an exciting new skate plaza in Finsbury Park, with an official opening set for next month. This venture is a collective commitment, amassing over £45,000 from a charity fundraising campaign led by the Friends of Finsbury Park, along with a generous £145,000 donated by the Haringey Council. This redevelopment is on track to be finished by the end of April. Our sources have reported that the aim is to provide a contemporary facility complete with adaptable obstacles like kickers, manual pads, kerbs, and wallie rails. This will importantly serve not only skateboarding enthusiasts but also those passionate about roller-skating, rollerblading, and entry-level cycling and skating.

Funding for the new skate plaza – a scheme fueled by the park’s major events

Partial funding for this ambitious project was secured from the earnings stemming from prominent events hosted in the park, like the annual Wireless Festival. This reinvestment of funds back into community amenities underscores the ongoing commitment to improving local recreational infrastructure.

Betongpark lands the contract for the skate plaza’s construction

The contract for the plaza’s construction was granted to Betongpark, a firm well-known for its expertise in skate park creation. This partnership is expected to guarantee top-notch design and building standards for the skate plaza.

Comments from Council Members

Councillor Emily Arkell, Haringey’s cabinet member for leisure, expressed her gratitude towards park attendees for their valuable feedback on the plaza’s design. She illuminated the plaza’s potential to attract a wide mix of skaters, both experienced and beginners. “We are very excited about this project and cannot wait to welcome skaters of all skill levels,” Arkell commentated.

Finsbury Park’s current skate park temporarily closed

Eager skaters will need to wait patiently as the existing skate park will remain out of service until the new, improved plaza is ready to make its public debut. Although this may cause some temporary inconveniences, the outcome promises to be well worth the wait, offering an astoundingly upgraded skate experience to the local community.

Looking Forward – an Enhanced Finsbury Park on Horizon

With the arrival of this new skate plaza, Finsbury Park is poised to become an alluring focus for skate and cycling enthusiasts across the region. Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting development as it unfurls.

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