Feline seized at Choorimala in Wayanad

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Tiger Triggers Panic in South Wayanad, Captured and Shifted to Hospice

A male tiger, termed as WYS 09 and who is believed to be around a decade old, caused quite an alarm in the Choorimala region of the South Wayanad Forest Division. News come from the source of Reader Wall that this tiger kept the local residents on their toes for several days, reportedly attacking their domestic animals over the period of a few weeks.

Efforts by the Forest Department Lead to Successful Capture

A committed team from the Chethalayath Forest range, led by forest range officer Abdul Samad, initiated the capture of the tiger. In an effort to protect the inhabitants of Choorimala, the team strategically placed two cages in the vicinity of local residences, a plan which was laid out a few weeks prior.

Success followed when WYS 09 walked into one of the traps located in a private coffee plantation at Choorimala. Sources report that the tiger’s capture occurred near Beenachi during the early hours of a recent Saturday.

Update on the Captured Tiger

Following its capture, WYS 09 has been moved to the animal hospice and palliative care unit designed for big cats at Sulthan Bathery. Details such as the tiger’s health status and reasons for wandering into human settlements are yet to be disclosed.

A team of forest veterinary experts will examine the animal to gather this information, adding clarity to the situation. Reader Wall will provide updates as these details emerge.

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