Ex-Takeout Proprietor Admits Guilty to Serious Sanitation Violations

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Mismanagement Leads to Serious Food Safety Violations

Our source exposes the unfortunate state of a local takeaway restaurant in Sacriston, County Durham, known as Santinos, which has initiated unfortunate consequences for its former owner, Mohamad Ali Ghanbarzadeh Behbahani. He, reportedly, has admitted to six breaches of Food Safety and Hygiene Regulations which were discovered during an unexpected inspection of the premises conducted by Durham County Council.

Surprise Examination Unveils Serious Health Hazards

An unanticipated inspection of the restaurant premises on the 7th of March, 2023, revealed shocking lapses in compliance with basic food safety requirements. This includes the finding of a decomposing rat hidden beneath cooking equipment. In addition, the premises were found in a poor state of cleanliness and care, alongside the glaring neglect of the cooking equipment, which was inadequately cleaned. Moreover, the staff’s gaping unawareness and lack of training in food hygiene regulation were alarming.

Admission of Non-Conformity Results in Legal Consequences

Behbahani, who had been running Santinos since June 2020 without duly notifying the council, ended up in Peterlee Magistrates’ Court, acknowledging all six violations of the Food Safety and Hygiene Regulations. As a result, he was subjected to a penalty of £660.

Efforts Towards Betterment Yet Closure Follows

After facing the charges, Behbahani took the decision to voluntarily shut down Santinos to make crucial amendments in the establishment’s food hygiene standards. These rectifications resulted in an upgrade to a 3-star hygiene rating. However, despite the marked improvement, Behbahani deemed it necessary to permanently close the establishment later that year.

Providing her comments on the issue, Joanne Waller, a representative from Durham County Council, emphasized the gravity of adhering to food hygiene regulations. She highlighted the council’s dedication to aiding local businesses while maintaining a strong stance against any form of non-compliance.

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