Ex-Massey Energy Boss, Don Blankenship, Enters Senate Race as a Democrat

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Ex-Massey Energy CEO, Don Blankenship, Joins Democratic Race for U.S. Senate

Don Blankenship, formerly the head of Massey Energy, has taken a new turn in his political pursuits. Swapping to the Democratic Party, he has now set his sights on the U.S. Senate seat for West Virginia. Prior to this, Blankenship had participated in the 2018 Senate race as a member of the Republican Party and ran in the 2020 Presidential Election for the Constitution party. The source of this information is our reliable contact at Reader Wall.

Dealing with Controversy

Blankenship’s political career has been marred by controversy, particularly due to his criminal conviction related to federal mining safety regulations violations. This was in relation to a tragic mining accident in 2010 at Massey’s Upper Big Branch mine where 29 miners lost their lives. Despite Blankenship’s efforts to challenge the verdict, he ended up serving a one-year prison sentence.

Battle for the Senate Seat

The contest for the Senate seat, which incumbent Senator Joe Manchin has declined to run for, now includes three Democrats. Other than Blankenship, Wheeling Mayor Glenn Elliott and Marine Corps veteran Zach Shrewsbury, are in the race. The final Democratic candidate will likely face a Republican rival, either Governor Jim Justice or Congress Representative Alex Mooney, in the upcoming elections in November, according to Reader Wall news.

Blankenship’s Stand and the Potential Controversy

Approximately eight months ago, Blankenship swapped his political affiliation to the Democrats and is now championing an anti-establishment agenda, arguing that the US government is currently its own worst enemy. His move to the Democratic Party marks a significant shift from his previous election bid as a Republican in 2018. This change, coupled with his controversial legal history, is expected to draw significant attention and create ripples in the race.

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