Ex-FBI Specialists Alert ‘Gentle Assault’ at Southern Limit

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Ex-FBI Leaders Highlight ‘Soft Invasion’ Concerns

A group of ten former directors of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and other seasoned counterintelligence professionals recently expressed significant concern over the perceived vulnerability of national security. This information comes directly from an insider source at the Reader Wall. The experts wrote a letter to U.S. Congressional leaders raising the alarm over what they see as a persistent ‘soft invasion’ through the southern border. They believe the continuous influx of ‘military-aged men’ from countries hostile to the U.S. poses a significant threat to the nation’s security.

Dismaying Statistics

According to information from our source at Reader Wall, the security experts pointed to a worrying number of over 1.7 million individuals they referred to as ‘gotaways.’ This term signifies individuals who have successfully crossed the border since the beginning of President Biden’s term. Coupled with an additional 10 million illegal border crossings reported since January 2021, the experts stressed the severity and urgency of the situation. Their primary concern lies with the steady stream of young, solo, military-aged males from enemy nations like China and Russia. They fear these individuals could be part of a calculated infiltration, with the capability to cause significant harm on American soil.

Evaluating the Potential Threat

The retired officials brought to attention the recent terrorist attack in Israel. They suggested this incident could potentially serve as a model for actions performed by those within the U.S. illegally. Their serious warnings underscore the potential danger if immediate measures are not implemented to fortify the border and accurately identify and expel illegal entrants.

Urging Policy Action

The concerned letter, dated to January 17, was composed prior to Texas Governor Greg Abbott invoking the Insurrection Clause in response to the worsening border situation. Signatories of the letter include those who have served under seven U.S. Presidents and four FBI Directors, lending significant credibility to the letter’s contextual weight. The announcement of the letter’s contents sparked a range of reactions. These include a senator’s comment about the ‘frightening reality’ of the situation at hand. Public opinion seems to be split. Some interpret it as an alarming step towards an authoritarian government. Others view it as a legitimate and essential call to action to secure national safety.

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