Ex-Cops Accused of Distorting Law in Prominent Legal Trial

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Ex-Policemen Charged With Attempted Manipulation of Justice

In a recent development, three ex-policemen, Damian Ernest Cerisola, Anthony Charles Bolaos, and Sean Reyes, underwent charges for supposedly conspiring to manipulate the path of justice at the Magistrates Court on February 2, 2024. Our sources reveal that this supposed scheme involves performing dishonest practices to falsify information in a statement that was planned to be submitted during a Supreme Court Judicial Review hearing that took place in May 2022. An additional accusation implies that Anthony Charles Bolaos is responsible for creating a deceptive day book entry spanning from July 2015 up to May 2022, apparently intended for submission to the Supreme Court.

Ex-police Officials Firm on Not Guilty Plea

All three men, under the defense of high-profile lawyer Chris Finch, filed an official plea stating they are not guilty of the charges presented against them. Despite severity and seriousness of the allegations, the Magistrates Court granted bail to each officer, fixed at two thousand pounds, as per information from our source. This occurrence amplifies the growing number of legal complications encompassing individuals formerly employed in the police and law enforcement sector.

Matter to Proceed to Supreme Court Trial

According to details from our source, the case is programmed to commence trial at the Supreme Court on February 29th where extensive proceedings regarding the charges will take place. The decision given by the court in this case may pave the way to being a norm in dealing with similar assumed misconduct within the enforcement authority.

Part of Considerable Recent Incidents

The misconduct charges raised against the former policemen are part of a series of recent incidents involving ex-law enforcement officers. In a separate matter in Memphis, trainers from the Police Department are willing to witness in a federal civil rights case against four other ex-officers, whose allegations include the grievous assault leading to the death of Tyre Nichols. The fifth former policeman involved in this case has already given a guilty plea to the federal accusations. To add to the list, another recent incident led to the arrest of two on-duty and one retired officer from the Jal Police department on charges that violated a suspect’s civil rights, leading to the suspect’s fatality while in police custody.

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