Evidence of Arson in Ayutthaya Chemical Warehouse Fire: SCDD Investigation Reveals

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Arson Suspected In Recent Chemical Storage Facility Fire

From The Reader Wall Probe, newly found evidence points towards the probability of a deliberate act behind the recent fire incident at a chemical storage facility located in the Phachi district of Ayutthaya province. Our sources within the Scientific Crime Detection Division (SCDD) have relayed this discovery.

Detailed Report Of The Incident

Four days prior, a fire engrossed a warehouse that housed seized chemicals. The incident attracted attention from the police, who conducted an investigation into the calamity’s cause. Throughout their analysis, the police unearthed numerous objects, including one-gallon containers and bottles brimming with chemical liquids from warehouses 1 and 2, strengthening their suspicion of an intentional act of arson.

Evidence Leading to Arson Theory

In warehouse 3, the investigators stumbled upon potential tools of arson that included cherry bombs, containers of petrol, degraded electrical wires, and a bag filled with sawdust. However, the subsequent warehouses (4 and 5) didn’t undergo an examination due to potential risk factors. Significant traces of chemical waste and a powerful, pungent smell of chemicals hindered the investigative operations.

Additional Evidence Found

Despite the adverse conditions, members of the investigative team unearthed a suspicious plastic box located behind warehouse 5. Notably, this box contained items that further fortified the existing suspicions of a deliberate arson act.

Quick Action to Prevent Further Hazards

During their detailed investigation, police officers encountered sparking near a large container, which could have resulted in a disastrous situation. Acting swiftly, they filled it with sand to eliminate any further danger, thereby successfully averting a potentially hazardous situation.

The Reader Wall continues following this case closely, staying in contact with our well-established sources within the SCDD, who are diligently working to uncover the truth behind this incident.

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