Even with overpasses, underpasses, LB Nagar junction traffic persists in disorder.

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LB Nagar Intersection Perpetually in Disarray Despite Numerous Infrastructure Developments

Despite an array of strategic infrastructures constructed under the Strategic Road Development Plan (SRDP), LB Nagar junction continues to suffer from severe traffic issues. Although two flyovers, three underpasses, and additional structures have been erected, only marginal relief has been brought to the area’s persistent congestion.

Limited Progress Observed

While the traffic signals have been removed, one commuter, M. Srinivasulu, argues the situation has worsened. In the absence of clear signals, drivers have to adapt to the traffic ahead, often resulting in slower movement than before. Although the newly constructed flyovers have proven beneficial to some extent, their usefulness is limited by the narrow road width.

Insufficient Road Capacity

Noticeable slowing of traffic occurs every evening on the flyover leading towards Hayatnagar, where the roadway is monopolised by outward-bound private buses travelling to places like Khammam and Vijayawada. The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation’s failure to adequately widen the road has heavily impacted the traffic flow. Similarly, the flyover leading to Kothapet is heavily restricted and fails to meet the significant vehicle volume arriving.

Continual Chaos for Commuters

Commotion reigns for the two streams of regularly congested traffic- one from Nagole towards Hayatnagar and the other in the opposite direction. Explicitly, the numerous obstacle for vehicles travelling from Hayatnagar to Nagole include the need to navigate the cramped space between the Metro Rail pillars and the flyover piers, further divided by barricades.

Poor Planning Adds to the Problem

The traffic from Kothapet to the flyover and the crossing over traffic from the main road towards Nagole clash due to a lack of precautionary measures. The situation is also complicated by the constant presence of shuttle rickshaws servicing Metro Rail commuters.

Proposed Solutions and Commuter’s View

According to N. Varaprasad, a regular commuter, a possible solution could be to barricade the connection between the main road and the service road, although this has not been executed yet. GHMC officials have proposed construction of a traffic island at the junction in an effort to manage traffic flow, but work has yet to commence. The busy intersection continues to disrupt daily commutes, highlighting the urgent need for effective solutions to mitigate the problem.

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