Ephs’ Lacrosse Team Triumphs Over No. 20 Babson 14-13: Caputo Scores Eight Goals

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Ephs Men’s Lacrosse Team Begins Season with a Thrilling Win

The men’s lacrosse team of Ephs, captained by the dynamic Cal Caputo ’24, launched the new season with a notable 14-13 triumph over No. 20 Babson. This victory holds significance as a redemptive move, considering their previous defeat at Babson’s hands during the second phase of the NCAA Tournament. Our sources reveal that Caputo enjoyed a remarkable game, blasting eight goals and showcasing the team’s fierce offensive play style.

A Nail-Biting Match

Even though Ephs took an initial lead, the game did not lack nail-biting moments. Control over the game switched hands frequently, keeping the adrenaline rushing right until the final whistle. A crucial ingredient of this success was the recently adopted ’10-man ride’ defensive strategy. This new approach, combined with a superb display by goaltender Matt Wetmore ’25 and his astonishing 17 saves, played a central role in achieving victory.

Crucial Game Moments

Moving into the game’s decisive quarter, the Ephs exhibited exceptional calmness and solid execution of defensive plays. This commendable performance became a turning point in the game, edgeing them closer to a win. However, a key revelation from our source is that the triumph isn’t merely a display of their in-season determination and resilience. It is indeed a morale booster and sets a promising direction for the challenges that await, especially in their upcoming combat against No. 12 Union College.

Reflections and Aspirations

Post-match reflections from the Ephs were humble and grounded. They acknowledged the importance of humbling victories and the need to steer clear of complacency. While their victory against No. 20 Babson was gratifying, the team supports the view that there’s always room for improvement. They remain committed to their goal, which is to maximize their performance and deliver top-notch Lacrosse in their forthcoming matches.

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