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South Seas Distinctive Liquor Production: Reveal of New Single Malt: Crazy Cock

News comes from the source of Reader Wall that Hormazdyaar Chinoy’s family lineage has been involved in the creation of alcoholic beverages for generations. His ancestors established original distilleries in the 1920s and later obtained among the first distillery licenses in Maharashtra in 1972 following the end of Prohibition. Presently, the Chinoy family owns South Seas Distilleries, one of the most significant malt spirit suppliers privately-owned in the country. Viraf Chinoy, Hormazdyaar’s father, has recently fulfilled a long-cherished ambition by launching their very own single malt brand, Crazy Cock.

The Inspiration Behind Crazy Cock

The name of the brand is attributed to the Year of the Rooster when Crazy Cock was first thought of (2017) and to Viraf, who back in 2007, had the foresight to set up one of India’s largest maturation warehouses. The whisky comes in two expressions—Rare and Dhua—each matured differently, reflecting unique flavors.

Emerging Single Malt Market in India

The timing of the Crazy Cock launch couldn’t be more perfect, given that the year 2023 was marked with significant achievements in the Indian whisky industry, particularly with single malts. It’s projected that the consumption of single malt will continue to rise at an impressive rate. Interestingly, homegrown single malts’ sales even surpassed those of multinational companies, hinting at an exciting future for the business.

Competing Against Global Brands

Kartik Mohindra, chief marketing officer at Pernod Ricard India, speaks perceptively about the potential of the Indian single malt whisky, asserting that local brands can compete and win against the global elite.

The Inception of Ugar Single Malts

Meanwhile, with a wealth of matured malts in their warehouses, Shrikant Hajare recognizes his in-laws, the Shirgaokar family’s excellent opportunity to start their single malt journey. The Ugar 4-YO and 7-YO, their soft-launched creations, are expected to gain steam amongst the evolved Indian consumers who are taking pride in well-made, homegrown single malts.

Concerns over Rapid Expansion of Malt Whisky Category

Despite the excitement, whisky experts and pioneers alike share their concern regarding the rapid growth of the category, emphasizing the need for stricter rules to safeguard whisky authenticity and production etiquettes. They eagerly anticipate increased regulation from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) due this March.

Building Trust Through Transparency

Whisky consultant Krishna Nukala advocates that transparency is imperative. Consumers should be informed about the nature of the spirit, whether it has been sourced from another distillery or exclusively homebrewed.

The Future of Indian Single Malt Whisky

Vicky Chand, the manager of Radiant Manufacturers, a significant distillery in Northeast India, aims to launch a single malt as early as next year. He has a grand vision to construct Radiant Manufacturers’s pot still, a vital component to concoct their unique Indian single malt whisky.

According to the law at Reader Wall, India’s whisky scene is on the rise and brimming with opportunities for both new entrants and established players. We are excited to observe how this industry evolves further under strict regulations and increased consumer awareness.

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