Emily Followill Unveils First Art Exhibit at Madison-Morgan Cultural Center, Celebrating Southern Elegance

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Emily Followill: Reimagining Southern Landscapes and Spaces

We take great pleasure in announcing the first-ever art exhibition of esteemed photographer Emily Followill, aptly titled “Preserving Legacy: The Aesthetic Splendor of Land & Spaces in the South”. This noteworthy event is set to open to the public at our Madison-Morgan Cultural Center, commencing on Sunday, March 17.

An Ode to Women’s History

Curated as part of our initiative to celebrate National Women’s History Month, this exhibition will feature over 40 captivating pieces from Followill’s comprehensive range. Emily Followill, renowned for her remarkable work in architectural and landscape photography, has managed to secure a highly revered spot in the field. Her work, ranging from regional to international publications, manifests an undeniable talent to transform ordinary environments into compelling narratives via her photographic interpretations.

One notable attribute about this exhibit is how it echoes Followill’s personal experiences of spending several cherished moments with her grandparents in Madison. The theme of the exhibition also resonates with Followill’s philosophy – preserving and accentuating history via the lens of splendor, a guiding principle that has shaped her successful trajectory over the years.

Additional Attractions

The exhibition also plans to enhance the visitor experience by having Followill herself lead an ‘Artist Talk’. Moreover, it will showcase a collection of masterpieces from Frances Benjamin Johnston, adding further depth to the theme of celebrating women’s significant contributions to the realm of art and historical documentation.

Final Words

This exhibition is a testimony to the strength, talent, and creativity of women artists who have time and again, redefined the domain of fine arts. We invite you to join us in exploring and appreciating the remarkable works of Emily Followill and Frances Benjamin Johnston, two women who have successfully straddled the worlds of art and history and blazed a trail for fellow women artists.


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