Elyria Business Owner Targeted by Thieves Four Times in Five Weeks, Losses Exceed $20,000

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Local Business Owner Faces Multiple Burglary Attempts

Our sources reveal that Elate Mustafa, a renowned entrepreneur in Elyria, Ohio, recently became the victim of a series of attempted burglaries at his enterprises. As the owner of Puff and Roll vape shop and Metro by T-Mobile cell phone store, Mustafa has reportedly borne witness to four attempted burglaries in only five weeks. Interestingly, half of these attempts saw the criminals succeeding in their maleficent endeavours.

Timeline of the Incidents

These unsettling security breaches at Mustafa’s businesses took place at the tail-end of two consecutive months, January and February. These occurrences hinted at the possible involvement of professional criminals, given their ability to evade or dismantle security systems. They were able to successfully destroy the DVR, cut the internet cables and prevent any video evidence from being captured in their two successful break-ins.

Financial Impact

According to Mustafa, the cumulative financial impact of the stolen goods and physical damages to his property over these incidents is a staggering $20,000. Despite these financial losses and setbacks, Mustafa exhibits a resilient spirit, opting to upgrade his businesses’ security systems extensively to deter any such future occurrences.

The Sole Witness

Amid the chaos and frequent disruptions, the sole eyewitness to these criminal activities was none other than Patches, Mustafa’s loyal feline companion. However, owing to her non-verbal nature, Patches was unable to directly assist in the ongoing investigations.

Police Investigation

Meanwhile, the Elyria Police Department continues to delve deeper into these incidents. Despite their best efforts, no suspects have been identified in connection with the burglaries yet. Mustafa, although shaken by the recent events, remains hopeful about the police’s capabilities in delivering justice.


In conclusion, these incidents underscore the importance of implementing effective security measures for business establishments. It also highlights the efforts of local police in ensuring the safety of businesses in the community, despite the challenging nature of their work.