Elevate Your Family Ride with the Kia ProCeed: a Perfect Blend of Elegance and Performance

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Introducing the Kia ProCeed, a sophisticated family vehicle that continues to receive praise for its standout aesthetics and practicality. Built on the sturdy foundation of the Ceed hatchback, the ProCeed sets itself apart with its sleek ‘shooting brake’ style design, positioning it as one of the most captivating options in its class.

Precision and Convenience in Design

Exclusively available in GT-Line and GT-Line S trims, the ProCeed exemplifies Kia’s dedication to offering a comprehensive and user-friendly experience. It is equipped with a wide array of features that prioritize convenience, including effortless phone pairing and user-friendly controls for radio, heating, and sat-nav. These design choices ensure that every journey is smooth and enjoyable.

Performance and Power

Beneath its refined exteriors, the ProCeed boasts a 1.5-liter petrol turbo engine, delivering sufficient performance suitable for the needs of the modern family. While it may not match the sporty appearance in terms of raw speed, it offers ample power. However, the ProCeed is not without its flaws.

The Dilemma with Gearbox

The seven-speed double-clutch automatic gearbox, although a technologically advanced feature, has faced criticism for its inconsistent performance in slow traffic and multi-storey car parks. This irregular behavior has raised concerns about its reliability, leading to recommendations for the six-speed manual gearbox for a better driving experience. Though this may appear as a minor setback in an otherwise outstanding vehicle, it is a crucial factor for prospective buyers to consider.