Earthquake Predictor Frank Hoogerbeets Halts Services, Cites Gaza Conflict as Reason

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Frank Hoogerbeets, the Earthquake Predictor: Missing from Public Scene

Renowned Dutch researcher, Frank Hoogerbeets, widely acclaimed for his earthquake predictions in the Middle East, has not been seen publicly for a number of months. This mystifying hiatus has sparked curiosity among his followers. However, recent declarations have illuminated his reasons for this sudden withdrawal.

The Gaza Conflict and Hoogerbeets’ Viewpoint

In light of the ongoing conflict in Gaza, Hoogerbeets has expressed profound disquiet about the situation. He has publicly denounced the actions of Israeli forces towards Palestinians, labeling these acts as ‘genocide’. In his view, providing earthquake predictions while such horrific acts are taking place is futile, leading him to temporarily suspend his prediction services.

Statement on an Online Platform

Hoogerbeets took our platform to express his views. Herein, he shed light on the death of over 10,000 ordinary citizens in Gaza. He has strongly censured the validation of land acquisition by the Zionist Organization, tracing its roots back to 1948.

Last Public Appearance

Hoogerbeets was last seen in public back in November of 2023. He utilized this platform to lobby for a ceasefire in Gaza, pressing the importance of addressing the ongoing humanitarian crisis.

In Summary

  • Frank Hoogerbeets, a significant name in earthquake prediction, has been absent from public view for several months due to personal reasons.
  • Hoogerbeets expressed his concerns on the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict in Gaza, calling it a ‘genocide’.
  • In light of these events, he decided to pause his earthquake prediction work temporarily.
  • His last public appearance was early November 2023, advocating for a ceasefire in Gaza.

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