Durcan, Hawkins Punished for Automobile Stealing and Risky Driving

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Duo Incarcerated for Vehicle Theft and Reckless Driving

Courton Durcan and Harrison Hawkins have recently been handed an 18-month prison sentence each. They are also facing a driving ban lasting two years and nine months. This ruling concurrently stemmed from a string of criminal offenses which included swindling a VW Scirocco and a BMW valued at £70,000. More so, a high-speed car chase concluded in a collision with a student driver’s Vauxhall Astra

The Onset of Crime

The convictions are a consequence of a burglary incident from Moor Allerton. The police later caught sight of Durcan and Hawkins replacing the license plates on the burgled Scirocco. The subsequent police chase transitioned into a frenzied jumble when the vehicle with Durcan, Hawkins and others, in a bid to elude arrest, crashed into the car of a student driver, not just once but twice.

Serial Offenders

Both culprits are no newcomers to the criminal world, with Durcan boasting five prior convictions linked to 16 offenses, while Hawkins flaunts 15 convictions relating to 46 offenses. Their extensive criminal records alongside the severity of this particular incident necessitated their appearance in court in handcuffs to ensure the safety of the court officials.

Scant Redemption

In the course of their sentencing, only a limited amount of mitigation was laid out in their favor. These included Hawkins’ initial confession to the crime and the fact that he wasn’t the one behind the wheel during the frenzied chase. Nonetheless, these points made little difference in reducing their sentences given the gravity of their crimes and the threat they set out to the public.


  • In a strong stance against vehicle theft and hazardous driving, Courton Durcan and Harrison Hawkins have both been handed an 18-month prison sentence and a driving ban for two years and nine months.
  • The conviction originates from a series of criminal activities involving the theft of two cars valued at £70,000 and a high-speed chase that ended with a collision with a learner driver’s vehicle.
  • Both Durcan and Hawkins have a history of criminal activity, with several prior convictions between them, which led to them being presented in court in handcuffs for safety reasons.
  • Despite early pleas of guilt from Hawkins and him not being the one driving during the car chase, little mitigation was provided on their behalf, reflecting the seriousness of their actions and the threat they pose to public safety.
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