Dream Splash: Own Your Water Park in Joliet, Illinois – Unique Sale Opportunity

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Splash Station Water Park in Illinois on Sale

Splash Station, a former outdoor aquatic amusement park nestled in Joliet, Illinois, is currently open for potential buyers. This exclusive prospect presents individuals with the unique chance of acquiring a personal aquatic park, equipped with diverse attractions. The recreational facility creates a refreshing break for people of all age groups, offering several water features and a swimming area designated for different age groups. The water park was once an adored recreational hotspot for locals, providing amenities for children to adults, and even incorporating a sandy zone for younger children to engage in sandcastle-building activities.

A Haven for Water Enthusiasts

The park, known for its distinctive railroad theme, includes distinct facilities for thrill-seekers. Some of these include a competitive 6-person racing slide, fun-packed body slides, relaxing tube slides, a laid-back lazy river, and a zero-depth pool, providing various aquatic experiences for all. Described as something more than a splash pool, it has served as an oasis for people looking for a refreshing escape during the hot summer period. This unique feature undoubtedly sets Splash Station apart from other water parks.

Sale Handled by Joliet Park District

It’s worth noting that the Joliet Park District is the current owner of this must-visit summer destination. The municipal board is collaborating closely with Coldwell Banker to execute the transaction, with an aim of finalizing it by 2024.

Location and Surrounding

Situated along the Route 6 corridor, the neighborhood hosting Splash Station adopts a primarily industrial landscape. This environment features several distribution centers in the vicinity, hinting towards an industrious yet potentially fruitful setting for the prospective water park owner.

A Unique Investment Opportunity

The sale of Splash Station offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to revive an old summer landmark and turn it into a modern aquatic paradise. Investors and businesses may find this an exciting prospect, as it opens the door to various entrepreneurial avenues. Furthermore, the location’s potential for tourism and leisure can also benefit the community at large. Therefore, stakeholder interest in this property might mark the beginning of a revival for Splash Station and the broader Route 6 corridor.


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