Dr. Shelby Haines Wins WVMEA Superintendent of the Year for Arts Support in Marshall County Schools

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Dr. Shelby Haines Honored as ‘Superintendent of the Year’ by WVMEA

Our reliable sources report an astonishing achievement for Marshall County Schools as their Superintendent, Dr. Shelby Haines, bags the prestigious ‘Superintendent of the Year’ award. The West Virginia Music Educators Association (WVMEA) staged this grand recognition to applaud her notable backing towards the arts in the Marshall County educational system.

Dr. Haines’ Contribution: An Asset to Music Education

Our trusted insider reveals that Dr. Haines’ nomination stemmed from John Marshall High School Band Director, Tracey Filben. Filben vouched for Dr. Haines’ immense efforts towards uplifting music education, making her a rightful candidate for the esteemed title. The association awarded Dr. Haines at the 2024 WVMEA In-Service Conference in Charleston, magnifying the significance of her accomplishment within the realm of education and music.

What is WVMEA? The Significance of the Award

In the landscape of educational accolades, this award holds prime importance. The West Virginia Music Educators Association not only serves as a professional platform for music teachers across the state but also facilitates growth and recognition, promoting the delivery of high-quality music education. Receiving an award from such an organization amplifies its value, making the achievement even more commendable.

Role of Music in Education: A Brief Insight

  • The inclusion of art and music in education fosters cognitive and emotional growth in students.
  • Music education broadens the horizon of creative thinking and enhances problem-solving abilities.
  • It acts as an expressive outlet, helping students communicate their thoughts and emotions more effectively.
  • The integration of music in the educational curriculum shows remarkable improvements in academic achievements and discipline among students.

Taking note of such potential benefits, Dr. Haines’ work in fueling music education, not just merits applause, but also sets an inspiring example for many. Congratulations, Dr. Haines, on your deserving accolade! Stay tuned for more exclusive reports from our trusted sources.

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