Dr. Isa Salifu Appointed as CIFCFIN’s Registrar General, Targets Fraud in Nigeria

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Dr. Isa Salifu Appointed as Registrar General and CEO of CIFCFIN

The Chartered Institute of Forensics and Certified Fraud Investigators of Nigeria (CIFCFIN) has put an end to speculation with the confirmation of Dr. Isa Salifu as its Registrar General and CEO. Based on information from reliable sources, the official announcement was made during an extraordinary meeting held last Sunday.

Leadership Appointment to Fight Fraud and Corruption

A significant reason behind his confirmation lies in CIFCFIN’s vision of intensifying the fight against fraud and corruption in Nigeria. By employing advanced forensic techniques, the Institute expects to make significant strides in this endeavour. Dr. Salifu’s appointment, thus, marks a key strategic move towards this goal.

Dr. Isa Salifu’s Professional Journey

Dr. Isa Salifu is recognized for his comprehensive experience and qualifications which make him an ideal fit for the pivotal role. He is an alumnus of Ahmadu Bello University, where he earned his BSC in Accounting. In addition, he also holds an MBA, an MSC in Technology, Innovation and Development of SMEs, and a PhD in Security and Strategic Studies.

Over the years, Salifu has held various significant roles – one of them being the Deputy General Manager at EcoBank Nigeria Limited. His professional journey also includes various leadership roles in other financial institutions. As a consequence, he brings to the plate a profound understanding of strategic and performance leadership– a skill set that is deemed extremely valuable for his new role at CIFCFIN.

Contribution to Various Professional Bodies

Dr. Salifu is not only well-known for his professional achievements but also for his involvement in numerous professional bodies and committees. His diverse experience and association with these bodies have equipped him with a multifaceted perspective on the industry’s needs and challenges. This comprehensive understanding is believed to be instrumental for the Institute, which seeks to promote forensic investigation practices in Nigeria.

The Strategic Impact of The New Appointment

This appointment is a critical step forward, marking an essential phase in the Institute’s journey towards fulfilling its mandate. With Dr. Salifu now officially at CIFCFIN’s helm, the Institute is expected to boost their efforts in not only combating fraud but also promoting advanced forensic practices. This news certainly has raised expectations for future developments in Nigeria’s fight against fraud and corruption.


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