Digital Duplicates: Transforming Tailored Healthcare

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Researchers in Rome, led by Marco Evangelos Biancolini, are pioneering the concept of ‘digital twins’ to revolutionize personalized healthcare. A digital twin is a computer-constructed replica of a patient’s biochemical makeup, enabling medical professionals to simulate surgical procedures and drug effects. This innovative technology allows for the determination of the most suitable treatment for individual patients. The focus of Biancolini’s team is on aneurysms – life-threatening bulges in blood-vessel walls that affect approximately 3% of the global population.

MeDiTATe and the Promise of Digital Twins

The MeDiTATe project, in operation until June 2024, is a collaborative effort involving several European partners. It aims to leverage digital twins to enhance aneurysm detection, prevention, and treatment survival rates. The project also features the creation of 3D-printed patient replicas to gather data for precise digital modeling. The MeDiTATe consortium has set its sights on commercializing digital twins for aneurysm treatment and has already filed numerous patents.

MAESTRIA: A Paradigm Shift in Atrial Fibrillation and Stroke Treatment

In tandem with MeDiTATe, the MAESTRIA project, led by Stéphane Hatem, is developing a robust data platform for atrial fibrillation and stroke treatment. The project focuses on identifying specific biomarkers and integrating AI and big data derived from advanced medical imaging technologies. Scheduled to run through February 2026, MAESTRIA aims to improve diagnosis and customize treatments for individual patients.

Digital Twins: The Future of Personalized Healthcare

Both MeDiTATe and MAESTRIA underscore a significant shift towards personalized medicine. They utilize digital technologies to enable precise risk identification and more effective treatments for patients. The implications of digital and virtual twin technology extend beyond the realm of healthcare, offering opportunities across various industries to improve quality, reduce downtime, enhance products, and mitigate risk. This transformative technology is poised to become an integral part of organizations’ digital strategy, underscoring a promising future where personalized healthcare is the norm, not the exception.


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