Dhoni Deals with Slander Suit Amid India Cricket News

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Former Indian Cricket Captain MS Dhoni in Legal Tussle

Dhoni, an acclaimed ex-captain of Indian cricket, is currently engaged in a legal dispute. Mihir Diwakar and Soumya Das, Dhoni’s previous business partners, have taken legal action against him. They have lodged a defamation suit against Dhoni in the Delhi High Court. The case is scheduled for a hearing on 18th January, overseen by Justice Prathiba M Singh. Diwakar and Das are demanding a permanent injunction and damages, urging the court to restrain Dhoni, social media sites, and specified media houses from spreading alleged false and defamatory remarks against them.

Dhoni’s Response to The Defamation Case

The defamation lawsuit is a reaction to a criminal case that Dhoni lodged against Diwakar and Das. Dhoni, a cricket legend, alleged that the couple deceived him, causing a loss of nearly INR 16 crore. In a Ranchi court, Dhoni’s case emphasized the supposed breach of trust and deception by his ex-partners, under Sections 406 and 420 of the Indian Penal Code. The issue originated from an agreed-upon plan to launch cricket academies locally and internationally under Dhoni’s name. As per the agreement, all franchise fees would go to Dhoni, and profits would be divided between him and his partners on a 70:30 basis. However, Dhoni claims that his partners began setting up academies without his knowledge and failed to pay him any money.

Current Sports Highlights

As this ongoing legal battle continues, Sumit Nagal, an Indian tennis player, enjoys an important win and will soon receive a significant payout. In cricket, India’s national team is on the brink of a clean sweep in the third T20 International against Afghanistan, having already won the second T20I series. Sports enthusiasts recall notable records, including cricketers who have scored more than 400 runs in first-class cricket, athletes dismissed at 99 in One Day Internationals, and Indian cricketers holding the record for the most ducks in T20 International matches. Additionally, we acknowledge the top ten longest-lasting WWE Royal Rumble match participants, the most expensive overs in T20 International cricket, and the top ten most unexpected WWE Royal Rumble victors of all time.


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