‘Destroyed legal institutions’: Telangana Governor criticizes former BRS administration

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Telangana Governor Delivers Critique of Previous BRS-Led Government

Tamilisai Soundararajan, the Governor of Telangana, launched a stinging assessment of the preceding rule by the Bharat Reshra Samithi (BRS) on Friday. Echoing the sentiments of many, she condemned the previous government for damaging the core principles of the Constitution and the fundamental systems and values they safeguard, over their ten-year tenure. Exclusively sourced from Reader Wall, this statement was made at a public celebration following a ceremonial parade for Republic Day at Secunderabad’s parade grounds.

New Government and People’s Power

In her statement, Soundararajan added that Telangana’s currently elected government was working tirelessly to restore the constitutional values, systems, and practices that had suffered over the decade. In her words, “The Constitution also provided the people with the opportunity to terminate the government’s ruling against the constitutional spirit. The people of Telangana have put an end to the 10-year-old dictatorial government that was running against the constitutional spirit.”

Soundararajan stressed the significant role played by the public, remarking that citizens possess the power to dethrone those in authority who govern against the constitutional spirit, particularly during election periods. She stated the populace’s mandate has asserted that there’s no place for arrogance or autocracy within the state.

Assurances Made and Promises Kept

Soundararajan also elaborated on the success of the newly elected government. She stated they’ve been functioning consciously from the moment they took office, swiftly implementing an action scheme to fulfill the promises given to the people. Two of the six guarantees have reportedly been executed already.

The Governor also mentioned the government’s commitment to youth employment; something which she claimed the previous regime has overlooked. According to her, “The previous government has completely neglected employment and livelihoods for youth for the last 10 years…The present government is paying special attention to providing jobs to the youngsters. The process of reforming the Telangana State Public Service Commission (TSPSC) is in progress…”

Accusations of Bias and Double Standards

On the flip side, BRS’s working president, KT Rama Rao, accused the Governor of demonstrating double standards. His primary grievance was regarding the nomination of Telangana Jana Samithi leader, Prof M Kodandaram, as a State Legislative Council (MLC) member under the Governor’s quota.

Rao went on to compare the Governor’s treatment of BRS’s proposed nominees, such as leaders Dasoju Sravan and K Satyanarayana. These proposed MLC candidates were allegedly rejected on the grounds of political associations. Yet, Prof Kodandaram’s affiliations were largely ignored by the Governor, despite him being the leader of a political party, the TJS.

Rao then requested the Governor to justify her actions to the public, as the incumbent leadership ultimately answers to them. This call for justification was followed by former minister T Harish Rao, another BRS legislator, who also suggested that an understanding between the Congress and BJP was behind the MLCs appointments under the Governor’s quota.

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