Delhi University’s Fee Hike Sparks Outrage Among Medical Residents, FORDA Cries Foul

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University Raises Medical Examination Fees: Backlash Ensues

Our source reports a significant shake-up at Delhi University, as they institute major changes to the remuneration, examination fees, and TA/DA for examiners involved in their various medical and super-specialty curriculums. This revelation has initiated an uproar in the online community, particularly among the ranks of the Federation of Resident Doctors’ Association (FORDA).

Allegations of Financial Exploitation

The heart of the controversy revolves around an alleged financial exploitation of postgraduate medical residents. FORDA accuses the esteemed university of overcharging for late thesis submission. They cite fees, some skyrocketing to over 50 lakhs, on top of what they consider premature demands for second and third year fees.

  • FORDA’s claim of mismanaged fees
  • The university’s alleged false promises regarding fees
  • The threat of enforcement on the deadline for thesis submission as a bullying tactic
  • The severity of this issue has forced FORDA to involve government entities, reaching out to high-ranking officials, including the President and Prime Minister, in an effort to underscore the potential corruption lurking within the university’s administration.

    An Ongoing Controversy

    This situation remains a contentious issue, causing a stir among academic communities and beyond. These allegations cast a concerning shadow over the university’s practices, threatening to undermine trust. As the outcry continues to grow, the university may need to provide adequate answers to soothe the disquiet.

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