Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal’s Upcoming Address at Vidhan Sabha Budget Session

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Delhi Chief Minister to Address Key Issues in Upcoming Assembly Speech

Our Delhi-based source has confirmed that Arvind Kejriwal, the Delhi Chief Minister will be delivering a speech to the Delhi Assembly during the current Vidhan Sabha Budget Session. The date and time for the address have been set as February 29, at 1 pm1.

Live Streaming To Broaden Reach

Technology continues to bridge the gap between government and citizens. In continuance of this trend, Kejriwal’s upcoming address will be broadcast online, ensuring that those interested parties who are unable to attend the session in person will have the opportunity to hear the Chief Minister’s words in real time. This marks an important stride in encouraging transparency and inclusivity in government operations.

Focus on Governance and Development

The forthcoming discourse by the Chief Minister is expected to cover prominent issues and plans central to the administration and continuous progress of Delhi. The commitment to open communication on such crucial matters reflects the current government’s resolve towards preserving the health and development of the city.

Open Letter to LG

  • Earlier, the Chief Minister, in a public letter to LG VK Saxena, expressed his desire to maintain a productive and respectful working relationship.

  • Kejriwal emphasized the cruciality of teamwork in city management. This is a strong indication of the current government’s initiative to work cohesively for the betterment of Delhi and its inhabitants.


This forthcoming address is expected to be a milestone in showcasing the administration’s plans for Delhi. It holds immense significance for the people of Delhi as they look to their leader for the direction in which their city is headed.


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