Delhi airport security compromised by man climbing perimeter barrier, investigation underway

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Major Security Breach at Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi

An intrusion occurred at Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA) of New Delhi last Saturday, causing significant concern about airport security. The incident occurred just a day after the 75th Republic Day celebrations.

Incident Details

Our source informs that an individual managed to scale the airport’s perimeter wall, gaining unauthorized access to the runway. The activity was spotted by an Air India pilot who was in the process of parking the aircraft around 11:30 pm. The Air Traffic Control (ATC) was alerted, who then directed the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) to apprehend the trespasser.

Immediate Action

The intruder was found under the influence and was quickly detained by the CISF officers. Following this, he was handed to the Delhi Police for further investigation. A senior official at the airport said, “The pilot reported to the ATC that a man crossed in front of the aircraft while taxiing. The ATC promptly alerted the Airport Operation Control Centre (AOCC). Quick action from the CISF led to the arrest of the intruder who was handed over to local law enforcement.”

Investigation Process

The individual, a resident of Haryana’s Nuh district and suspected drug addict, was presented to a Delhi court and has been sent to judicial custody. Our sources indicate that the Delhi Police have initiated a comprehensive investigation to discern his motives for this intrusion.

City police officials asserted that there was no lapse in security on their part as airport security falls under the purview of CISF and Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL). “Airport security under CISF and DIAL..No Delhi police security lapse…,” reiterated police officials.

Security Concerns

The breach occurred during a period of heightened security due to ongoing Republic Day celebrations and the Beating the Retreat ceremony. Our source highlighted the seriousness of such an incident and qualified it as a massive security breach. As a result, the airport authorities are taking extensive measures to address the matter.

It should be mentioned that previously, a significant fine was imposed on Mumbai Airport and IndiGo airlines when passengers were noticed eating openly in the airport apron area, indicating a disregard for security norms.


The recent security breach serves as a stark reminder of the importance of stringent security measures at all times. Ensuring the safety and security of passengers and airport personnel is paramount, and airport authorities are expected to be vigilant to prevent such incidents.


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