Decades of Abuse Uncovered at Morrison’s Academy, Scottish Inquiry Finds

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Decades of Child Abuse Uncovered at Scottish Boarding School

Unveiled by the ongoing Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry, Morrison’s Academy in Crieff is now identified as the epicenter of rampant and extensive child abuse spanning from 1945 to 2007, under the auspices of our source’s exclusive investigation.

Abuse Woven into The Fabric of Institution

The Academy was pinpointed as a site where systemic abuse was not merely prevalent but ingrained into the very fabric of the institution. Embedded within its culture was a burgeoning trend of excessive, inappropriate corporal punishment and a disquietingly managed boarding environment.

Persistent Culture of Silence Amplified the Abuse

Fuelled by a deep-seated culture of silence, the findings by Lady Smith confirmed the expansive nature of the abuse, which left substantial psychological scars on the victims, robbing them of their right to a carefree and nurturing childhood.

Both employees and students played roles in perpetuating the abuse

The study discovered that the abuse was continually perpetuated by both, the wardens as well as the older students, with the boys’ houses being especially notorious for their abusive settings. This growing menace was opportunistically ignored by the Academy’s management until the 1990s, allowing the cycle of abuse to remain unchecked.

False Assumption Enabled the Abuse

These grievous abuses were sustained due to the inappropriate assumption that educational establishments inherently have the ability to offer effectual residential care. This misconception led to a serious lapse in regulatory supervision, thereby magnifying the scale of the abuse,

Abuse Findings Contribute to Larger Picture

The conclusions drawn by Lady Smith serve as a grim reminder, adding another chapter to the series of investigative findings by the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry. These collected reports are expected to shed light on the historical prevalence of child abuse within boarding schools, exposing the distressing reality that has long been shrouded in silence.

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