Davina McCall’s ‘Menopausing’ Triumphs Over Salman Rushdie at British Book Awards

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Davina McCall Reflects on Winning Book Of The Year with “Menopausing”

TV presenter Davina McCall, 56, recently opened up about her experiences and feelings behind her surprising victory at the British Book Awards in May 2023. McCall won the Book Of The Year award for her co-authored self-help guide “Menopausing”, surpassing renowned novelist Salman Rushdie. The news was met with a mix of shock and delight, with McCall herself expressing a sense of being an ‘imposter.’

A Battling Triumph: McCall vs. Rushdie

In an interview on Richard Herring’s podcast, McCall candidly shared her disbelief at her triumph over an author of Rushdie’s renown. She revealed, feeling out of place among renowned authors as a beginner. Yet, the success of “Menopausing” attests to its comprehensive content, relatability, and much-needed spotlight on an often-underdiscussed stage in a woman’s life.

McCall attributed the book’s triumph not to her writing skills, but rather the relevance, depth, and breadth of the subject matter. The book includes a combination of medical guidance from renowned expert Dr. Naomi Potter, compelling real-life stories and McCall’s personal menopause journey.

Using Fame to Promote Menopause Awareness

McCall did not shy away from discussing her intention behind the book. She highlighted the prevalent lack of medical knowledge surrounding menopause. It became her goal to use her influence to advocate for a better understanding of this pivotal phase of a woman’s life. She shares her personal journey and experiences to promote support for all women navigating the challenges of perimenopause and menopause.

Embracing Aging with Confidence

Along with discussing her book and her advocacy work, McCall also delved into the personal life changes she underwent as she noticed a decrease in male attention in her 40s. According to her, this led to her ‘making an effort’ with her appearance and started embracing lingerie which bolstered her self-confidence. Through this revelation, McCall continues to be an inspiration for many as she illustrates the importance of self-love and acceptance at all stages in life.

In conclusion, despite being a newcomer in a field filled with seasoned authors, McCall’s victory is a testament to the powerful resonance of her book’s theme with audiences on a deeply personal level. The book has not only demonstrated the importance of discussing topics typically brushed under the rug, but it also serves as a call to action for increased medical research and public awareness on the subject of menopause.


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