Dallas Cowboys Likely to Part Ways with Pass Rusher Dorance Armstrong in NFL Free Agency

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Key Pass Rusher Dorance Armstrong Poised to Leave Cowboys

Our sources have informed us about a key change in the NFL team lineups. Dorance Armstrong, who is viewed as a significant part of the Dallas Cowboys’ defensive game plan, is expected to sign with another team in NFL free agency. Allegedly, the Washington Commanders, currently led by Dan Quinn – the Cowboys’ previous defensive coordinator, are the prime potential destination.

Armstrong’s Impact on Cowboys

Armstrong has been a cornerstone of the Cowboys’ defense, demonstrating his commitment by participating in every game over two consecutive seasons and starting in 11 games throughout the past three years. Outlining his recent performance manifests his pivotal role in the team. Armstrong was responsible for 38 tackles, 12 quarterback hits, 7.5 sacks, and 7 tackles for loss during the 2023 season, showing a progression from his career-high of 8.5 sacks.

Financial Struggles Cause Transaction

However, the Cowboys are currently facing financial constraints, contributing to Armstrong’s prospective departure. The team already boasts a strong lineup with talents like Micah Parsons, DeMarcus Lawrence, and Sam Williams in their ranks. These pre-existing commitments make taking on Armstrong’s expectedly higher price tag more challenging for the organization.

Dan Quinn’s Reflection on Team’s Performance

It’s worth noting that former Cowboys defensive coordinator and now the Commanders’ coach, Dan Quinn, has provided his insights on the Cowboys’ defense’s performance. The team’s last playoff game against the Green Bay Packers was particularly significant. Such transitions often have a noticeable impact on the dynamics of a team.

  • Dorance Armstrong is in line to leave the Cowboys for another NFL team, possibly the Washington Commanders
  • The imminent departure is mostly fuelled by the financial considerations of the Cowboys who need to manage their robust lineup
  • Armstrong’s departure marks a significant shift, considering his notable contributions to the team’s defense tactics
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