Controversy in Kerala: BJP Leader’s Removal Over Comments on Church’s Role in Protests

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Ex-Wayanad District President Alleges Clergy Involvement In Local Protests

According to our sources, Madhu, previously holding the title of the Wayanad district president, has been abruptly discharged from his role. His disparaging comments about the clergy sparked a backlash, which the party considered to counteract national policy principles. Madhu had suggested that ‘men in cassock’ had a crucial role in inciting the violence in the aftermath of a tragic incident in Pulpally.

The Pulpally Protests: Root Cause and Repercussions

The death of Vellachalil Paul, a member of the forest protection committee, was the starting point of the unabated protests in Pulpally. Paul became the third victim of the recurring issue of fatal wild elephant attacks within a short span of two months. The tragic loss of lives sparked an outcry from local communities who vehemently demand government intervention in wildlife issues.

Political Controversy and Claims of Bias

Madhu’s controversial statements took aim at the local police force and the clergy in the wake of these protests. He accused the police of discriminatory action against BJP workers, while simultaneously claiming priests had a significant role in triggering the violent clashes with law enforcement officers.

Religious Influence and its Impact

Madhu’s assertions were met with widespread disapproval, notably from the Church and the local Catholic community. Wayanad, being a region where the Church holds substantial sway, was stirred by the alleged accusations against the clergy. Demonstrations led by the Church not only denounced Madhu’s comments but also continued to highlight the demand for government mediation in preventing further animal attacks.

Church’s Response and Support for the Community

  • Archbishop Joseph Pamplany was among the notable figures who publicly criticised Madhu’s remarks.
  • He emphasised the Church’s unbroken support for the issues faced by the Wayanad community.
  • Underscoring the community’s concerns about recurring fatalities due to wild animal attacks, he reiterated the demand for efficient government action.
  • While the effects of these protests and political controversies are yet to play out entirely, one thing is clear – the Wayanad community needs robust solutions to its dire wildlife issues. The government’s response to these ongoing matters will define the region’s future course.


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