Colorado Bike Shop Hit by Thieves Twice in 48 Hours; Unique Prototype Stolen

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Bike Building Company Borealis Fat Bikes Victim To Successive Thefts

Sources from within the ranks of our own website reveal a distressing situation that unfolded at the premises of Borealis Fat Bikes, a distinguished bike manufacturer operating out of Colorado Springs. The company was recently targeted by burglars resulting in a couple of consecutive break-ins, as confirmed by the company’s CEO and founder, Steve Kaczmarek.

The Initial Breach

According to Kaczmarek, the first incident unfolded in the early hours of a Sunday, around 2:45 AM. Our sources report surveillance footage showcasing the audacity of two individuals who shattered the glass front door of the establishment using a rock along with an unidentified tool. Subsequently, these thieves managed to remove two bikes from the premises, including a distinct prototype, the pride of the company’s unique designs.

Repeating The Crime

Kaczmarek revealed that the audacious thieves made their second move on the subsequent morning, targeting this time the storage area of the company. As a result, two electric bikes were removed from their inventory, despite lacking essential components such as pedals and chargers. Our sources estimate the total value of the purloined items to be in the ballpark of $1,600.

Company Reactions And Responses

The CEO expressed his frustration and a deep sense of violation as a result of these incidents. Kaczmarek found himself questioning the motivations of these individuals, particularly, why they would opt for theft in an environment where employment opportunities are considerably present. As a measure to identify and apprehend the culprits, Kaczmarek, on behalf of Borealis Fat Bikes, has offered a reward sum of $1,000 for dependable information that aids in the capture of these thieves.

Actions By The Colorado Springs Police

Our contacts within the Colorado Springs Police department report that they have advised the public on ways to spot potentially stolen goods online. The police force has also stressed the importance of reporting suspicious items directly to them via their non-emergency line. It is their hope that these measures, along with the industrious work by their officers, will lead to resolution and justice for Borealis Fat Bikes.


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