Collaboration between IT World Canada and Canadian Cybersecurity Network Strengthens Cyber Defense

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In a groundbreaking move that aims to transform the landscape of cybersecurity in Canada, IT World Canada and the Canadian Cybersecurity Network have joined hands, marking a significant milestone in the nation’s cybersecurity sphere. This partnership seeks to bolster the impact and scope of MapleSEC, an online security event that covers the entire nation, by leveraging the extensive membership of the Canadian Cybersecurity Network, which boasts a staggering 37,000 members, in order to enhance the influence of IT World Canada.

Amplifying Cybersecurity Education and Career Opportunities

However, the alliance goes beyond the annual MapleSEC event and its quarterly Satellite Series. It has a broader vision that seeks to amplify initiatives designed to attract more individuals to cybersecurity-based careers. One such initiative is the Women in Cybersecurity event, which is expected to receive a significant boost in visibility and traction due to this strategic alliance.

Strengthening Municipal and Government Sector Cybersecurity

Additionally, this partnership is poised to enhance Technicity, an event that primarily focuses on the municipal and government sectors. The incorporation of data from CyberTowns during this enhancement process will provide vital information aimed at strengthening cybersecurity measures within these crucial sectors.

A Testament to Collaboration and Community Building

Ultimately, this strategic alliance serves as a testament to the visionary mindset of Fawn Annan, the late leader of ITWC, who was ardently dedicated to mending fragmentation within Canada’s technology community. Her steadfast efforts in establishing partnerships have culminated in this collaborative venture aptly named CyberVoices. This joint program will regularly offer invaluable strategic and operational cybersecurity advice to Canadian businesses, governments, and individuals, thus fostering a more secure digital landscape throughout the country.

All in all, the partnership between IT World Canada and the Canadian Cybersecurity Network signifies a significant stride forward in fortifying Canada’s cybersecurity infrastructure, better serving information security professionals, and expanding the scope of cybersecurity events nationwide.