Cognizant CEO Ravi Kumar S Joins US-India Strategic Partnership Forum Board, Bolsters Tech Ties

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Ravi Kumar S., Cognizant CEO, Joins US-India Strategic Partnership Forum Board

As per our reliable sources, Ravi Kumar S., the dynamic leader and CEO of Cognizant, has marked a noteworthy milestone in his career. He has been appointed to the influential Board of Directors at the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF)—a leading non-governmental and non-profit organization that dedicates its efforts towards strengthening US-India relations.

Ravi Kumar S’s Board Memberships

In addition to this, Ravi Kumar S. also holds eminent roles in various other esteemed organizations. He operates from the Board of Directors of TransUnion and the US Chamber of Commerce. Moreover, Kumar significantly contributes to the board of governors at the New York Academy of Sciences.

Overlaying his journey so far, Ravi Kumar expressed immense honor in being a part of the illustrious USISPF Board. He seized this opportunity to underscore how Cognizant’s Indian workforce—which comprises nearly 70% of the total 350,000 employees—plays a crucial role in the economic prosperity of both the US and India.

Contributions as Cognizant CEO

Ever since Ravi Kumar embarked on the journey as Cognizant’s CEO in January 2023, he has been tirelessly working towards ensuring sustainable growth and maximizing shareholder value.

USISPF’s Role Strengthening India-US Relations

The USISPF, under the adept guidance of Dr. Mukesh Aghi, its President and CEO, is an important force in highlighting the significance of the IT services sector and India’s tech workforce, in fortifying the US tech economy. Without a doubt, this organization’s commitment towards establishing robust connections between the two nations stands unparalleled.

  • One of the strategic initiatives by USISPF is exporting IT services which serve as one of India’s major contributions.
  • This thriving export of services embodies the organization’s objective of augmenting the professional bonds between India and the US.
  • This initiative by the USISPF also underlines the instrumental role that the IT Services sector plays in economic relationships between the two countries.

Undoubtedly, this milestone in Ravi Kumar S.’s career marks a significant step towards fostering an enriching connection between India’s IT talent and the strengthening of the US tech economy.


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