Chief Biden’s LA Tour Creates Transit Holdups and Ignites Demonstrations

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President Biden’s Visit Provokes Traffic Chaos and Fuels Protests in Los Angeles

During his recent trip to Los Angeles, President Joe Biden not only instigated massive traffic disruptions but also became a magnet for escalating protests. The major city shutdown was caused by his extensive motorcade, which included a staggering 24 vehicles. This traffic turmoil left the University of Oregon’s basketball team ensnared in the congestion, pushing their game against UCLA back by nearly half an hour.

Engaging with Entertainment Powerhouses

Aside from these unexpected commotions, Biden’s visit was purposed for attending so-called ‘campaign events’ at George Lucas’ Bel Air mansion. The president also had meetings scheduled with a variety of entertainment industry heads. Even though no public events were lined up during his trip, it fell on two significant dates – his son Hunter’s 54th birthday and the remembrance day of his late son Beau. Prior to traveling to the West Coast, the President and First Lady Jill Biden, in a poignant moment, visited Beau’s grave to honor his memory.

Demonstrations Accompany President Biden’s Trip

President Biden’s visit was not without controversy as numerous protests surged around the city. Student groups and other protesters gathered to express their discontent with the ongoing American involvement in Middle Eastern conflict. These protests were held at various places around the city, including right outside the hotel where President Biden was staying. The protestors, labeling him as ‘Genocide Joe,’ have appealed for a ceasefire, expressing outrage over U.S. military operations in the Middle East, specifically the recent activities in Yemen and against Iranian-backed organizations in Iraq and Syria. Notably, the U.S. Government has justified these militaristic responses as necessary to ensure the safety of its forces.

Protests: A Recurring Theme

The protests seen during President Biden’s Los Angeles visit are not just isolated events. They seem to form a persistent pattern accompanying his recent public engagements. It is becoming increasingly apparent that these protests seek to interlink foreign policy issues with domestic politics and upcoming elections, indicating a growing disillusionment with his handling of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Post visiting Los Angeles, President Biden’s schedule includes a trip to Las Vegas, where he is to participate in several political events preceding the Nevada presidential preference primary.

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