Chef Nina Matsunaga Shares Insight on Debut TV Appearance on Great British Menu

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Nina Matsunaga: From The Black Bull to The Great British Menu

Nina Matsunaga, acclaimed restaurateur and owner of The Black Bull located in Sedbergh, recently embarked on a new culinary journey by making her maiden appearance on the renowned television show, The Great British Menu. This popular cookery competition features some of the finest culinary craftsmen from the northwest, with Nina emerging as a standout competitor. Despite this being her debut on television, Nina advanced past the initial round, a significant achievement considering the intensity of the contest, according to sources close to her.

A Strong Competitor

Even though she did not progress to the regional finals, remaining undeterred and persevering in the face of seasoned competitors was noteworthy. Two of her competitors had previously starred on the show, bringing with them the advantage of experience. However, by the time Wednesday’s episode rolled around, promising newcomer Nina was the only fresh face remaining.

She likened the emotional rollercoaster and high stakes of the competition to momentous life events, such as giving birth or inaugurating her own restaurant. Dealing with the tremendous pressure of this novel experience provided Nina with the same adrenaline rush synonymous with these significant milestones. Nevertheless, she embraced this discomfort as an opportunity to make a grand impression

The Road to Recognition

Participating in The Great British Menu was not merely about personal recognition for Nina, who aspired to use this platform as a beacon to illuminate her establishment. Aiming to capture the imaginations of spectators around the nation, she sought to encourage visitors to explore the enchanting Yorkshire Dales region and her quaint restaurant.

Beyond offering traditional gastro pub fare, The Black Bull prides itself on distinctive specialties that make it a must-visit dining spot. Nina’s star turn on the show also succeeded in garnering nationwide attention for her cherished establishment during an episode where she was seen engaging in operation management activities at The Black Bull in Sedbergh.

Unfolding a Success Story

The narrative of Nina’s journey on The Great British Menu weaves a tale of sheer determination, the compelling pressures of top-tier culinary contests, and an entrepreneur’s dream to catapult her business and beloved hometown into the limelight. This experience proved to be an opportunity that Nina embraced wholeheartedly, adopting the role of a stalwart contender on a national platform while also managing her acclaimed restaurant with aplomb.


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