Carlisle Serial Shoplifter Escapes Jail, Ordered to Pay Compensation for Hundreds in Stolen Goods

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Corrina Kirkpatrick Receives Suspension in Carlisle Shoplifting Case

Corrina Kirkpatrick, a 33-year-old resident of Carlisle, recently received a suspended jail term. This decision follows her admitted involvement in seven separate incidents of shoplifting that took place across multiple stores in Carlisle over a ten-month period from June of the previous year to the present March. The court handed down its decision after taking several factors into account, including Kirkpatrick’s current lifestyle, health issues, and the non-violent nature of her crimes.

Spree of Thefts in Local Stores

The retailers targeted during this span of thefts include Aldi, The Co-op, Spar, Home Bargains, and Poundland. Kirkpatrick’s thefts, which involved items worth several hundreds of pounds, led to her arrest and subsequent trial. In addition, absence during her trial resulted in sentencing for two additional thefts that took place in June.

A Sentence Suspension

Rather than issuing a direct imprisonment sentence, the court elected to suspend Kirkpatrick’s 100-day custody term for one year. The court decision was swayed by several contributing factors. A prominent one was Kirkpatrick’s chaotic lifestyle, which heavily features a struggle with drug issues. These factors heavily influenced the court’s decision.

Health Concerns and Rehabilitation Measures

Kirkpatrick’s health issues also swayed the court’s ruling. The accused suffers from depression and panic attacks, and a potential skin cancer diagnosis is also looming over her head. With these in mind, the court advised that she complete 10 rehabilitation activity days in addition to her sentence suspension.

Financial Reparation Ordered

The verdict also includes a financial stipulation. Kirkpatrick has been ordered to repay the affected stores a total of £425 in compensation. This levy comes as a direct result of her actions and will serve as a further deterrent against future criminal behavior.

Overall, the court’s decision carefully considers both the extent of Kirkpatrick’s crimes and the personal circumstances influencing her behavior. As she complies with her sentence, those affected by her actions hope that the subsequent period of rehabilitation and recovery will bring about positive change.


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