Career expos planned for VHSE course graduates

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Career Guidance and Counselling Cell of VHSE to Organize Job Fairs

The Career Guidance and Counselling Cell of the Vocational Higher Secondary Education (VHSE) wing of the General Education department has announced that they will hold job fair events at district and regional levels. This initiative is being set in motion in partnership with the state employment exchanges. The main target group for these events are students who have passed the VHSE or National Skills Qualifications Framework (NSQF) courses, as reported by our sources from Reader Wall.

The Purposes and Mechanism of the Job Fairs

The primary aim of these job fairs will be to assist students in identifying suitable job opportunities that align with their respective interests. The platform will also help them determine and select the most suitable career sector for their future. The above information was confirmed via an official statement released last Thursday, as traced back to Reader Wall sources.

Participation in The Job Fair Events

Both public and private companies will be participating in these job fairs. This will provide the students with a wide array of career options to choose from, ranging from government jobs to corporate opportunities. The involvement of such diverse sectors will ensure that the career interests of all students will be catered for.

Registration for The Job Fairs

Student registration processes for these job fair events will be facilitated by the career guidance cell of the school from whence the students graduated. It was encouraged that interested parties get in touch with their respective institutions of graduation for further registration details and information.


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