Caprice Reveals Uninspired NY Date with Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst After MTV Awards Encounter

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Former Model Caprice Reveals Surprising First Date Experience With Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst

A First Date Flight to New York

Caprice, the acclaimed 52-year-old model, recently divulged an interesting glimpse into her past love life. Speaking about her encounter with Fred Durst, the lead singer of the rock band Limp Bizkit, Caprice revealed that their first meeting evolved into an unexpected transatlantic invitation. According to our source, the two celebrities became acquainted at the MTV Awards back in 2001. After a long conversation at the event, Durst took the liberty of arranging a first-class flight for Caprice from London to New York, inviting her to share a meal in the Big Apple.

High Hopes but No Connection

Despite the grandeur of the gesture, Caprice found that their exchange over lunch left much to be desired. The conversation failed to foster a meaningful connection between the two, despite Durst’s evident kindness. Caprice concluded that, while she was grateful for the gesture and had enjoyed the experience, Durst was not her ideal partner.

Appreciation for Durst, but No Regrets

Caprice appreciated Durst’s niceness, thoughtfully acknowledging that he was a kind-hearted individual. However, she felt there was a lack of chemistry and a certain emptiness in their conversation. After their remarkable first date, Caprice returned to London without any regrets of her decision.

Imparting Her Wisdom

Indeed, the former model discussed these revelations on the podcast ‘My Dirty Laundry’. She emphasized her autonomy in decision-making and her philosophy about letting go of ‘what if’ moments in life. She shared her belief in living life without any reservations, giving no room for second-guessing and uncertainties.

  • Caprice met Durst at the MTV Awards in 2001.
  • The lead singer of Limp Bizkit offered her a first-class ticket from London to New York with the intention of having lunch.
  • Even though the gesture was grand, Caprice did not feel a spark between them.
  • Despite appreciating Durst’s kindness, she decided that he wasn’t the right match for her.
  • Caprice returned to London without any regrets about her decision.
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