Cambodian Premier Sacks Governor Adhering to Ethical Administration; Security Warning for Phnom Penh Post Internet Site

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The Prime Minister of Cambodia, Hun Manet, recently ousted Kheng Yon, the governor of Kep town. This action was announced on January 12th. The decision was executed under the guidelines of a five-point tactic for good governance. This approach was initiated by his forerunner, Hun Sen.

Embracing Good Governance

Manet pointed out that Yon’s departure was consistent with the last constituent of the five-point motto for governance. No explicit cause for Yon’s expulsion was made public. Nonetheless, Yon was given an opportunity to amend his behavior but fell short of doing so. This finally led to his dismissal. This action exemplifies the strict application of the “surgery” methodology, which is the last phase in the five-point motto, under Manet’s ongoing term.

The Enduring Effects of Hun Sen’s Five-Point System

Hun Sen, the previous Prime Minister, had asked all office bearers of the Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) to uphold the implementation of the five-point policy. The specific principles could encompass transparency, competence, and ethicalities, but the exact particulars have not been revealed. This event highlights the Cambodian government’s dedication to uphold rectitude and culpability within its committee.

Impending Threat to Users

In a different development, users are being notified about potential safety threats associated with the website The website’s safety certificate is not accepted and considered secure by the computer’s operating system. This implies a possible misconfiguration or a breach attempt by cyber hackers. The safety certificate is expected to expire on January 15, 2025. Currently on January 17, 2024, users are suggested to be careful and contemplate possible safety dangers before visiting the site. All this information comes from the source of Reader Wall.


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