Cambodia Faces Islamic Teacher Shortage Despite Education Advances

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Teacher Shortage Puts Cambodian Islamic Education at Risk

According to our sources, there has been a conspicuous decline in the number of teachers available for Islamic schools and mosques in Cambodia, impacting the academic development of over 70,000 Muslim students across the country.

Insufficient teaching resources have been a constant challenge over the last few years (2015-2020) as slightly over 1,500 teachers have been tasked with educating the rapidly expanding student population.

Reviewing Education Policies and Impacts

In a recent report titled ‘Islamic Education 2015-2023 and Future Directions on the Topic of Islamic Education Reform in Digital Context’, the Cambodian Senior Minister Othsman Hassan commended the former Prime Minister Hun Sen for his instrumental role in official recognition of 1,500 Cambodian Muslim teachers.

This undertaking, according to Hassan, has been fruitful in enhancing the local education system and triggered the inauguration of new school buildings.

Acknowledging Challenges and Efforts to Overcome Them

Despite the noteworthy strides made, the education sector continues to grapple with the consistent challenge of teacher shortage. The government’s inclusive approach towards the Islamic community has played a significant role in fostering education among this population. This is particularly evident in its efforts towards accommodating digital education needs.

Nonetheless, the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport, Nos Sles, shed light on the dwindling number of Cambodian Muslim teachers. This decline, Sles explained, is an upshot of multiple factors including retirements and resignations.

Emphasizing the Need for More Teachers

Helping hand from international philanthropists has been of immense support to the community’s teaching initiatives. However, the requirement for more teachers remains dire to suffice the educational needs of the growing student base.

Addressing the crisis of teacher shortage is pivotal for the future of Islamic education in Cambodia. Solutions need to be stratagemed promptly to ensure the wider student demographic is well served, keeping the future implications in mind.

Elijah Muhammad